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Drop Shipping
Drop Shipping
If you have been trying to start your online business of mobile phone accessories and had been struggling to avoid the hassles of developing and producing your product, maintaining inventory, and keeping a confusing shipping infrastructure then drop shipping is the answer.

How Drop Shipping works?
Let us think of a scenario where a person named James living in Washington places an order to you for Jabra Bluetooth Portable Car and Speaker Phone kit to you. The price that you quoted to him was $290 plus $9.99 of shipping charge through DHL ground mode.

Now you placed an order to Moftware mentioning the address details of James, your credit card information, your billing address and selecting the option of drop shipping.

The amount which Moftware will charge from your credit card is $ 249.95 for the product, $9.99 for shipping charge and $2.00 as the processing fees. The total shipment would cost you $261.94, and you would get $299.99 from James. Thus you earned a net profit of $38.05 just by selecting the drop shipping option.

Advantages of Drop Shipping

• Goods would be delivered by Moftware, on your behalf.
• You are not required to maintain inventory.
• Your money would not be blocked.
• Save costs and earn profits.