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Aliph® Jawbone ICON Rogue Bluetooth Headset - Dark Red
Aliph® Jawbone ICON Rogue Bluetooth Headset - Dark Red
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Product Information

The Jawbone ICON represents a complete departure from the gadgetry of the traditional headset industry. Six stunning jewelry-like designs with mirror like and undulating surfaces represent a level of design innovation never before achieved in consumer electronics. Originally developed for use in tanks and helicopters, Jawbone ICON's NoiseAssassin is a proprietary technology that eliminates background noise from mobile phone conversations. Jawbone is the only Bluetooth headset with a Voice Activity Sensor (VAS) that actually feels your speech, which helps Jawbone distinguish your voice from background noise. As a result, Jawbone offers better audio quality than any other headset on the market. With AudioApps from MyTALK, you can change the voice that conveys important information like battery life and Caller ID. MyTALK DialApps let you customize an easy access button that links your Jawbone ICON directly to 411, voice-to-SMS and voice dial services. Some apps even let you use voice to listen and post to Facebook/Twitter. Once you select and sync a DialApp, all you have to do is press your Jawbone ICON’s TALK Button for 2 seconds to activate. DialApps save you time and give you true handsfree freedom…leave the phone in your pocket and make your calls with the touch of a button.